Two guys that love to give a product a new perspective.

Thomas Larsson & Patrik Gustafsson


Fresh eyes
New perspectives
Different Network

Doesn’t your product or service meet the expectations? Is your investment bad or dead? Most likely not. Let us have a look! Can we add something to the table? If we see an opportunity, it's a go on the mission. Aim for another market? Can we turn the focus from B2C to B2B instead? Another type of users? Combine with something else? When we find something, we seek new partners, new investors and give the original idea a new purpose.

In a nutshell


Product Recycling

New package, market and purpose.


Find new Investment

Just capital or collaboration.


Innovation Labs

Ideas to implemented products.



Seminars, Workshops, coaching.

The magic formula

Do we have any magic formula? No. Mostly just hard work. Secondly, experience. Third a vast network of investors, founders and business developers at new companies.

Do we always succeed? No. Most of the time we do. But not always.

Do we take every mission? No. We need to have something that we believe we can deliver on.

Do you guys know everything? No. We start with a beginners mindset and question everything. The whole market if we have to. This gives us a fresh start to see things with a new perspective which is very useful if you want to do something different than the last time.

In a nutshell. We look, seek, mix, match and shake a little. Then a result comes out from that.

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Our questions

What do you want?

Set our expectation together. Do you have an asking price to sell your product? Do you have other plans? What is a success for you?

We assess your idea in a workshop

Why didn’t the product meet our expectations? What was the purpose from the beginning? We interview your customers. Or the one that has left you already.

Why did this go wrong?

Can we elaborate on that? If so is there just a question of investment and resources? Or network. Or sales?


We decide if we have something to bring to the table.

We set up a deal

What should we do? The plan and an offer.

But if we could find a new market?

Could we adapt to that? Is it a clean port. Or do we need to modify the product? Can we bootstrap and test?

But if we need to mix?

Is there an interesting mix we haven’t figured out yet? What would happen if we combine a with b?

If we turn things around

What happens next? Last option is to find bits and pieces that can be sold when all other options are explored.

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Thomas Larsson +46722028396 , Patrik Gustafsson +46735121214